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El-Mohandes Shawqi Abd El-Moneim, Taqseem Laselky, New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
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Tasmim Creative Agency

is a professional Media company in Egypt. We manage hosting and web design services for all categories of companies and offices. We cover everything from domain name registration, web designs to website hosting, and even updates to your websit.

We provide e-marketing services and media advertising (press& tv), Tasmim Creative Agency, is committed to serve both large, medium, and small companies in Egypt, Arab world and Worldwide, also ready to serve all organizations, and any other business groups. We created our first local agency in the Egyptian market, after 7 years working.

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Tasmim Creative Agency

Every Tasmim employee adds a unique set of capabilities to the team, from our designers and developers who create cutting-edge websites that win awards to our project managers that guide clients through the creative process so they are able to drive real results when unleashed. 


Never settling for the status quo or resting on the successes of today, we push our clients, our employees, and our industry to go to the edge of what is possible and exceed their own expectations.
At Tasmim Agency, thinking big is part of how we work and live.
Be One Of Us

Website Design

Custom website designs with strategic insights to generate greater brand engagement, higher conversions and measurable results.

Mobile Apps

We create a mobile app experience that taps into your audience and grows your business online. Consider building a new app with our team.
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Print Design

Your print marketing materials are the only remnants of your company that are left behind after a meeting. Make sure that they pass the te

Logo Design

Professional logo designs tailored to your brand’s culture, core values & distinction. We take a strategic approach to creating unique brand identities.

Companies Served

around the world

Tasmim Agency has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in business as well as many exciting entrepreneurial and start-up companies.

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